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Dr Deepu M

Professor Modeling of Turbulent, Compressible, Reacting Flow... View Profile

Dr Manoj T Nair

Professor Hypersonic Aerothermodynamics, Aerodynamic Shape O... View Profile

Dr Aravind Vaidyanathan

Professor Advanced Propulsion and Laser Diagnostics Laborato... View Profile

Dr Ayyappan G

Professor 38 years of experience in VSSC, ISRO in the areas ... View Profile

Dr Salih A

Professor Computational Fluid Dyanamics... View Profile

Dr Raveendranath P

Adjunct Professor Finite Element Method, Analysis of Aerospace Struc... View Profile

Dr Manu K V

Associate Professor Flow instability and transition to turbulence, Bou... View Profile

Dr V.S. Sooraj

Associate Professor Machining and Precision Manufacturing, Abrasive Fi... View Profile

Dr Praveen Krishna I R

Associate Professor Acoustics, Condition Monitoring, Fluid-Structure I... View Profile

Dr Satheesh K

Associate Professor Gas Dynamics, Hypersonic flows, Experimental Aerod... View Profile

Dr Prathap C

Associate Professor Combustion, Gas Turbine Combustors... View Profile

Dr Vinoth B R

Associate Professor Aerodynamics, Aeroacoustics, Unsteady flows, Flow ... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Sadanandan

Associate Professor Rocket Propulsion, Air-breathing Propulsion, Clean... View Profile

Dr Girish B S

Associate Professor Operations management, Sequencing and Scheduling, ... View Profile

Dr Pradeep Kumar P

Associate Professor Two-phase Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer, Thermal Hy... View Profile

Dr Shine S R

Associate Professor Rocket Thrust Chamber Cooling, Film Cooling Applic... View Profile

Dr Bijudas C R

Associate Professor Structural Health Monitoring, Lamb Waves, Modeling... View Profile

Dr Anup S

Associate Professor Fracture Mechanics, Mechanics of Biological and Bi... View Profile

Dr Chakravarthy P

Associate Professor Materials Forming, Powder Metallurgy, Aerospace Ma... View Profile

Dr Mahesh S

Assistant Professor Combustion, Liquid Jets.... View Profile

Dr Dhayalan R

Assistant Professor Aerospace system identification, Flight Dynamics, ... View Profile

Dr Devendra Prakash Ghate

Assistant Professor Computational Fluid Dynamics, automatic differenti... View Profile

Mr Sam Noble

Reader Composites, Mechanisms.... View Profile

Dr Kurien Issac K

Senior Professor Kinematics of Mechanisms, Dynamics of Rigid Body S... View Profile