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Dr Kurien Issac K

Senior Professor Kinematics of Mechanisms, Dynamics of Rigid Body S... View Profile

Mr Sam Noble

Reader Composites, Mechanisms.... View Profile

Dr Salih A

Professor Computational Fluid Dyanamics... View Profile

Dr Aravind Vaidyanathan

Professor Advanced Propulsion and Laser Diagnostics Laborato... View Profile

Dr Deepu M

Professor Modeling of Turbulent, Compressible, Reacting Flow... View Profile

Dr Manoj T Nair

Professor Hypersonic Aerothermodynamics, Aerodynamic Shape O... View Profile

Dr Ayyappan G

Professor 38 years of experience in VSSC, ISRO in the areas ... View Profile

Dr Shine S R

Associate Professor Rocket Thrust Chamber Cooling, Film Cooling Applic... View Profile

Dr Anup S

Associate Professor Fracture Mechanics, Mechanics of Biological and Bi... View Profile

Dr Bijudas C R

Associate Professor Structural Health Monitoring, Lamb Waves, Modeling... View Profile

Dr Chakravarthy P

Associate Professor Materials Forming, Powder Metallurgy, Aerospace Ma... View Profile

Dr Girish B S

Associate Professor Operations management, Sequencing and Scheduling, ... View Profile

Dr Pradeep Kumar P

Associate Professor Two-phase Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer, Thermal Hy... View Profile

Dr Prathap C

Associate Professor Combustion, Gas Turbine Combustors... View Profile

Dr V.S. Sooraj

Associate Professor Machining and Precision Manufacturing, Abrasive Fi... View Profile

Dr Manu K V

Associate Professor Flow instability and transition to turbulence, Bou... View Profile

Dr Praveen Krishna I R

Associate Professor Acoustics, Condition Monitoring, Fluid-Structure I... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Sadanandan

Associate Professor Rocket Propulsion, Air-breathing Propulsion, Clean... View Profile

Dr Satheesh K

Associate Professor Gas Dynamics, Hypersonic flows, Experimental Aerod... View Profile

Dr Vinoth B R

Associate Professor Aerodynamics, Aeroacoustics, Unsteady flows, Flow ... View Profile

Dr Devendra Prakash Ghate

Assistant Professor Computational Fluid Dynamics, automatic differenti... View Profile

Dr Dhayalan R

Assistant Professor Aerospace system identification, Flight Dynamics, ... View Profile

Dr Mahesh S

Assistant Professor Combustion, Liquid Jets.... View Profile

Dr Raveendranath P

Adjunct Professor Finite Element Method, Analysis of Aerospace Struc... View Profile