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Dr Deepak Mishra

Professor Machine learning, Computer vision and Graphics, Im... View Profile

Dr Selvaganesan N

Professor Control Systems... View Profile

Dr Sam K Zachariah

Adjunct Professor Nonlinear mathematical modeling, compensator desig... View Profile

Dr Chris Prema

Associate Professor Digital Signal Processing, Multirate Signal Proces... View Profile

Dr Lakshmi Narayanan R

Associate Professor large scale error sensitivity analysis of the Kalm... View Profile

Dr Anindya Dasgupta

Associate Professor Design and Control of Matrix Converters... View Profile

Dr Seena V

Associate Professor CMOS-MEMS, Micro/Nanoelectronics, NEMS Sensor Syst... View Profile

Dr Sudharshan Kaarthik

Associate Professor Power Electronics, Multilevel Converters, Electric... View Profile

Dr Priyadarshnam -

Associate Professor Electrical and Electronic Engineering... View Profile

Dr Anoop C S

Associate Professor Measurements and Instrumentation, Sensor Interfaci... View Profile

Dr Sooraj R

Associate Professor Semiconductor Optoelectronics and Photonics, Optic... View Profile

Dr Chinmoy Saha

Associate Professor Planar Microwave circuits and systems, Space and G... View Profile

Dr Basudeb Ghosh

Associate Professor Computational Electromagnetics, Fractal Electromag... View Profile

Dr Palash Kumar Basu

Associate Professor Nanotechnology based Gas Sensor, Mass spectrometer... View Profile

Dr Harsha Simha

Associate Professor Nonlinear Dynamical Systems and Control... View Profile

Dr Rajeevan P P

Associate Professor Power Electronics Power Converters, PWM techniques... View Profile

Dr Sheeba Rani J

Associate Professor Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Image Ana... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Joseph Abraham

Associate Professor Control Systems and Applications, Power Systems Co... View Profile

Dr Vineeth B S

Assistant Professor Performance analysis and optimization of engineeri... View Profile

Dr Immanuel Raja

Assistant Professor Analog circuits, analog VLSI, mixed-signal VLSI, C... View Profile

Dr Basudev Majumder

Assistant Professor RF and Microwave Engineering... View Profile

Dr Vani Devi M

Assistant Professor Massive MIMO, MIMO OFDM signal processing and Comm... View Profile